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WBCR Loves Podcasts!

Talk radio still commands a sizable audience among older Americans, but millennials and members of Generation Z are not as interested. Many younger people get their fix of news, discussion, humor and storytelling through podcasts. Here are some of our favorites in this multifarious medium. Maybe some of our selections will give Beloit students inspiration to use the resources in the WBCR Podcast Studio to make their own!

Sophia Townsend

"One of my favorite podcasts is Still Processing. Two culture writers who work for the New York Times break down pop culture and current events often through a social justice lens. Jenna and Wesley are a true delight and make me want to become a smarter and better informed person. This pod is both extremely pro black and pro queer without the often problematic themes we get from white so called “social justice warriors”. Pick a topic your interested in and give it a listen, promise you won’t regret it!"

Lu Going

"My favorite podcast is called The Dream. It's about the history of pyramid schemes and how modern "multi-level-marketing" corporations make a ridiculous amount of profit by preying on poor working Americans."

Evan Shepard

"My favorite podcast is Gender Reveal. Molly Woodstock is a lovely person who interviews trans and nonbinary artists and activists. It's a great podcast for trans people, cis allies, and the show has a really lovely and supportive following! As a trans person, listening to Gender Reveal makes me feel so much less alone."

Bobby Musker

"I'm not a huge fan of most true crime podcasts but I really enjoy listening to The Last Podcast On the Left because of its keen sense of balance. Host Marcus Parks clearly and efficiently unspools fascinating, rigorously researched tales full of real-life horror, accompanied by his comedian friends Henry Zebrowski and Ben Kissell who humorously comment on and give insight into these stories without derailing the narrative or disrespecting victims. Their series on the murders committed by the Hillside Stranglers in 1970s Los Angeles is my personal favorite of their work, and a great introduction to the podcast as a whole."

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