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Endless Summer Vacation is on Endless Repeat

"Endless Summer Vacation" is Miley Cyrus' eighth and newest album, and with every release she continues to impress her audience with her originality. Throughout her career, Cyrus has never limited herself and been afraid to play around with different genres. Her seventh album, "Plastic Hearts" has a more rock and roll feel than the disco-esque vibes of "Endless Summer Vacation", while both have a completely different vibe than her "dirty south hip hop" record "Bangerz" (which in my opinion, will forever be one of the best albums of all time). Throughout her career she has faced criticism for merely being herself, something that I think a lot of female-identifying artists can identify with. All of her albums are a true reflection of her, she doesn't fear what others think and embraces the "messy label" she has. Needless to say, Cyrus has helped shape the industry through her incredibly successful career. Her sound continues to improve with every new release, throughout her career her voice has developed this beautiful and incredibly recognizable rasp. She is a figure that a lot of people also grew up with and to see her expression evolve in the way that it has is incredibly inspirational.

The album starts out with her hit song "Flowers" which has been #1 on Global Charts for a seventh week! This song is literally so badass. I am sure if you are active on the internet you have seen the meanings behind the song, but it is a diss on her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth (she even released the song on his birthday!) When I first heard this song, I was absolutely stunned by some of the lyrics in the chorus; "Talk to myself for hours, say things you don't understand. I can take myself dancing" are beautiful representations of true self love, Cyrus and her team did a fabulous job writing the lyrics of this song and the hype it is getting is very much deserved.

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the entire album, but of course there are a few more songs that have stuck out to me. "Rose Colored Lenses" is my personal favorite song from the album with a wonderful message. The term rose colored lenses means to stay optimistic even during bad times; listening to this song reminds me to always take in the present moment. Some other upbeat and very dance-able standouts are "Violet Chemistry" and "River"! "You" is a slower song about being reckless with the one you love and makes imperfection romantic.

"Endless Summer Vacation" by Miley Cyrus is stellar album that teaches its listeners about confidence and the complexity of oneself. You can be both messy and mature, carefree and courteous, wild but put-together; Cyrus encourages us to love every intricate detail about ourselves and the lives we are living. She acknowledges the importance of both negative and positive experiences and how they shape us to be the people we are.

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