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Fall 2022


 "Rora's Digest" 6-8PM

with Aurora Strommen

"Monday Night Madness with Moon" 8-9PM

with Moon West

"Is Anyone Even Listening" 9-10PM

with Cam Meiers

"To Be Determined" 10-11PM

with Amanda Langford

"Hope You Had A Good Day" 11-12PM

with Hope Nelson


"The Beloit Culture Shock " 6-8PM

with Alexcia Payton, Vonnie Marshall,  Aaron Crary

"Growing Green: The Marijuana Industry" 9-10PM

with Lyndsey Turner

"Maij Mind" 10-12PM

with Maij Sprenger-Otto


"BSG Talk Show" 7-8PM

with Brandon Joly  

"Showtime with Ella and Lili" 8-9PM

with Ella Silva

"Hanky Panky" 9-10PM

with Henry Braun

"Stelle & Sebastian" 10-11PM

with Stella Barrett


"Beloit Circus Jams" 7-8PM

with Juliana Longhenry

"Reg Recs" 6-7 PM & 9-10 PM

with Paige Lancaster

"The Sesh with Belle" 8-9PM

with Isabelle Morrow

"An Hour With Music Club" 10-11PM

with Niav Probst

"Tumultuous Thursdays" 11-12PM

with Sophia Nitsche & Maij Sprenger-Otto


"The Vintage Lounge" 5-7PM

with George Bemus

"Salutations from Paragon Heights"  7PM-8PM

with Anya Hubbard

"Space City Diaries" 10-11PM

with Stephany Rivera


"Victory" 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

with Sister Brenda Jones-Harper

"Brigid's Half Baked Radio Show" 4-5PM

with Brigid Parker

"Parental Advisory" 10-11PM

with Cora-Linos and Kai Herrera


"I'm Blessed!" 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

with Adriana Sanders

"Brain Soup" 6-7PM

with Sam Quintana

"Moving in Stereo" 7-8PM

with Cora-Linus

"The Karmic Connection" 9-11PM

with Cora-Jane Aubert

"Go Off Sis" 11-12PM

with Arri Rice

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