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Four New Releases You Need to Know About

Most of us are lacking sleep and energy, but debut albums and singles from long-awaited future releases are plentiful. Check out some of my favorite releases from the past couple of months.

“Virile” by Moses Sumney (single out November 14th)

Moses Sumney never ceases to push both sonic and thematic boundaries. His newest single, “Virile”, blends an array of strings, woodwinds, vocals, and synths over a driving beat. The track is simultaneously menacing and comforting as Sumney sings of mortality and hypermasculinity. He has announced a new double album, græ. The first part of this follow-up to his 2017 debut album, Aromanticism, will be released in February and the second in May. “Virile” is accompanied by a captivating self-directed music video featuring Sumney dancing and shadowboxing around a meat locker.

Own Pace by Medhane (album out Nov 12)

Favorite Tracks: Trauma & Grace, Affirmation #1, Looking 4 Runtz ft. MIKE

Own Pace is the debut album of 22-year-old Brooklyn rapper Medhane. He was featured on fellow NYC rapper MIKE’s 2018 album, War in My Pen, and was referenced on a couple of songs from Earl Sweatshirt’s esteemed 2018 album, Some Rap Songs. Medhane’s debut album is introspective and tender, reckoning with mental illness and perseverance. Former collaborator MIKE is featured on the glitchy yet smooth track, “Looking 4 Runtz.” Own Pace searches for comfort and understanding in a world of struggle.

“Now That I’m Back”/“Rare Thing” by Frances Quinlan (singles out Nov 19/Oct 22)

Frances Quinlan of indie-rock band Hop Along has announced her debut solo album, Likewise, to be released on January 31. Two singles from the album have been released–the first, “Rare Thing,” explores an electronic atmosphere that Hop Along never ventured into. Quinlan’s voice cuts through plucked strings, singing “I know there is love that doesn’t have to do with taking something from somebody.” The second single, “Now That I’m Back,” has an intimate and playful intro, which transitions into a chugging melody, only to retreat back to quiet intimacy. Quinlan’s exceptional vocals shine on these new tracks.

Flowers in My Air Max by Cameron Bolden (album out Nov 15)

Favorite Tracks: Twenty One Five, Resurrect Me ft. Jackie Hayes, Pray 4 My Soul ft. LOWERLIPDRIP

Debut album Flowers in My Air Max by Chicago artist Cameron Bolden leaves a lasting impression. Bolden’s music exists somewhere in between messy and neat, in between playful and somber–it’s difficult to pin down. Fellow Chicago artist Jackie Hayes, formerly known as Family Reunion, is featured on “Resurrect Me,” and Chicago rap duo LOWERLIPDRIP (playing at WBCR Fest YUCK! on Dec 11, 2019) is featured on “Pray 4 My Soul”. Bolden, like LOWERLIPDRIP, belongs to BLACK MARSH, a collective of local artists.

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