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Hey there, my name is Cora-Jane and I am here to tell you about why I loved being a radio show host for WBCR. My time at Beloit College is coming to an end, as I graduate in quite literally a couple of days, and I am very excited to discover my new chapter in life. Even though I am very proud to move on, this also means that my radio show "The Karmic Konnection" is coming to an end too... which is something that I am not quite sure I will ever be ready to say goodbye to.

My radio show was about "self love, divine connection, and artistic expression of emotion", and I hosted it every Sunday night. I used this as an opportunity to start my week off positively, and I can assure you it was the reason I made it through every week I began it with. I was only able to join WBCR my junior and senior year, as my freshman and sophomore year were affected by COVID-19. It came into my life when I needed it most, at this time in my life I was on the beginning of my journey of discovering myself... which was incredibly hard. I decided to start a radio show with hopes that it could maybe aid in my journey.

I never would have thought WBCR would have the impact on me that it did. There is something so magical about speaking into a radio... you don't know who you are speaking to (if anyone) and you never have to hear what you said again (which is what makes it different from a podcast). To me it is kind of feels like I am speaking directly to the universe, and I really think that the universe listens... and sometimes responds back.

On my show I introduced and participated in journal prompts, occasionally shared my answers, read poetry, played some really groovy tunes while emphasizing the beauty of music, and spoke about life lessons I have learnt throughout my time with "The Karmic Konnection". I usually based my show around what I thought my universal lesson was at the time. Some examples of that were resting/re-charging, how to manage stressful situations, letting go of anger, and the journey of becoming your own best friend.

I made a playlist for almost every show I hosted and loved sharing my music with whomever was listening. Music is one of my main healing methods and ways to express myself, so to be able to host a show that talks about spiritual growth while combing that outlet was truly a once-in-a-lifetime blessing. I have never felt more like myself then when hosting my radio show in the WBCR room. It was truly my safe space and escape from reality, which was something that is much needed.

I started off every episode of "The Karmic Konnection" by expressing gratitude for it... and without it I feel like a little piece of me will be missing. Even though the amount of grief I feel for having to leave this hobby is intense, the amount of love the experience this show has taught me will always overcome that. I will always have the notes, playlists, and memories I made. I will always have the confidence that being a radio show host taught me, I will always have the ability to recognize when something is made for me, and I will forever be thankful that being the host of "The Karmic Konnection" on WBCR 90.3 Beloit FM was something that was put on my path.

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