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WBCR Halloween Staff Picks

Pop music has always been considered the devil's domain, so it's no coincidence that Halloween, his most unholy feast, is the holiday with the best songs. Here are our picks for our favorite spooky music to play around this special time of year.

Kavinsky, "Nightcall"

"There’s nothing that brings me more joy than a song which begins with a werewolf howl and is sung by a demon. This song is best known for being in the movie Drive, a truly great song for a great soundtrack. This song is perfect for a spooky makeout playlist." - Sophia Townsend

Electric Wizard, "Necromania"

"This is a spooky song about death and murder." - Sydney Ortiz

Aphex Twin, "Come to Daddy"

"I will give anyone $10 if they can find a song with spookier energy than 'Come To Daddy.' Just kidding, you can't. Don your Richard James mask and grab a hammer, we have old ladies to terrorize." - Lu Going

Bobby Boris Pickett and the Crypt Kicker Five, "The Monster Mash"

"It’s a feel good, family fun time Halloween classic! That will knock you socks off." - Audrey Daigneault

Black Dresses, "Look Away"

"Devi frantically screams about everyone dying, broken teeth, and ends the song with 'Let’s go to hell together'. Black Dresses is a dark noise pop duo from Toronto that never ceases to give me panic attacks." - Evan Shepard

Echo and the Bunnymen, "The Killing Moon"

"I was going to pick a more obscure song but this is too classic to resist. The opening guitar riff immediately evokes images of a big, white moon rising over a cornfield, a perfect backdrop for Halloween mischief and magic. By the time Ian McCulloch's sonorous tenor rings out, it's already too late, you're under the spell." - Bobby Musker

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