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The BEST Concerts During A Football Game

With the 2021 SuperBowl Halftime show far in the books, the performance put on by The Weeknd was pretty split down the middle. Some people thought it was not very good. Others, like me, thought the show was entertaining. His vocals sounded great (all performed live), he performed some of his best songs, the choreography was done well, and no wardrobe malfunctions.

No matter how you think of the most recent show, one sure thing is it will spark the conversation of favorites and the debate for the best performance. Every year we see elaborate dance numbers and a production value out of this world, and each show has something special about it. The 2001 show was a beautiful mess with so many different styles. In 2018, Justin Timberlake showed the showman we know him to be. Diana Ross gave us THE GREATEST exit from a stage ever in 1996. Madonna, at 53 and in heels, moved around the stage like she was 20 years younger. And, in 1993, Michael Jackson put on arguably the best one ever. Personally, my favorite is when Coldplay performed. Even though they played one of the two Coldplay songs I know, I still love the whole show. The light outside mixed with the colors makes me warm inside. They also have bonus points for having Bruno Mars, who is always a good time, and Beyonce.

What is your favorite SuperBowl halftime show?

Which one do you wish never happened, and why would it be the Maroon 5 year?

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