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Stay Mindful and Spiritual With WBCR

WBCR has been armored with a variety of different kinds of shows to offer! I’m happy to tell you a little more about the shows featuring students of diverse backgrounds all with a similar task - providing a space to focus on mindfulness and spirituality. Whether that be from religion to just chilling the heck out and being mindful of ourselves and the world around us, Beloit College students have yet to fail at providing whatever we are feeling. A few students this school year have stepped up for this exact task! Our featured shows in this entry will include (in no particular order), Je’Mia Irving and her working show title, “Stardust Radio”, Cora-Jane Aubert hosting “The Karmic Konnection” and Elsa Schroeder on her show titled, “Inspiration From Islam”. As you can see we have some really interesting shows to touch on and I’m not going to waste anymore time telling you so, because you know I’m right.

To begin, I’d like to shed some more light on Je’Mia Irving’s show, “Stardust Radio.” Je’Mia exclusively informs WBCR about her intentions behind her show that deserves to be public knowledge! Irving states, “Stardust Radio show is a branch of the Stardust brand that I created for myself this year; Stardust Vending LLC is the name of my vending machine business, and decided to continue all of my other endeavors with this name.” First of all, YOU GO GIRL! Je’Mia is an African American woman from the south side of Chicago who believes that her purpose is to use her power to “learn, inspire, and to create something that will be beneficial for those in the moment and the future.” Je’Mia’s show title inspiration comes from a book she read earlier in the year, “Melanin: Gift of the Cosmos” by Jade Asikiwe. The book intrigued and inspired Irving by the author’s explanation of “melanin being connected to the ancient Kemetic sciences.” She learned that black people are highly advanced beings and hold power in their melanin that expands throughout the universe. Her dream for the show was “to be a space where [she] can interact with an audience on a personal level through the airwaves.” She wants to be able to engage with her audience on many levels; laughter, dancing and singing, educate, learn, and cry. Just hearing what Je’Mia has to say about her own show makes us over here at WBCR so excited for YOU the audience to hear! Irving “play[s] all genres of music; discuss[es] pop culture; spread[s] real news; and give[s] guidance on how to maneuver through this thing called life, because we are going through the same things.” Je’Mia closes her introduction of her show by saying, “We are one.” and I don’t think she could have said it any better. Go check out her show streaming on Tuesday nights from 9:00pm to 10:00pm!

Next up I’d like to introduce Cora-Jane Aubert and her show titled “The Karmic Konnection.” She has described her show as one that focuses on how she survives being a collegiate athlete by listening to music and staying mindful. She uses her allotted time to share positive mood-inducing songs that she hopes will have the same effects for her listeners. Cora hopes and intends to influence people “in a way that is both culturally appropriate while also appealing to anyone interested in bettering themselves.” She recognizes that a lot of the mindfulness exercises and spiritual practices we use are very Westernized so she aims to hit all ends of the spiritual practice spectrum! Be sure to catch Cora’s show on Sunday nights from 7:00pm to 8:00pm!

Finally, Elsa Schroeder and her show, “Inspiration From Islam.” features “various passages from the Holy Quran and Hadith to inspire others to live their best, peaceful lives.” Some of her topics include, but aren’t limited to, “stress management, grief, loneliness, and general life advice.” Don’t be afraid to give Elsa’s show a listen regardless of your spiritual standpoint as she offers all kinds of advice not exclusive to her religion. She uses her faith as a leaping point to her topics and discussions. Her show offers a lot of information on the Islamic faith from a first-hand perspective and could be potentially life-changing for anyone that listens! Do not miss out on “Inspiration From Islam” airing on Fridays from 4:00pm to 5:00pm!

Hopefully one of these shows has piqued your interest and you’ve written it down on the schedule! Every broadcaster has something different to offer and I heavily suggest listening to everyone at least once! Enjoy your listening.

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