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Five New Releases To Keep You Sane During Quarantine

Check out these hot new releases from Yves Tumor, Thundercat, Dirty Projectors, and more! Hear them on our online stream or check out our Spotify playlist on the home page.

1. Yves Tumor: Heaven To A Tortured Mind

Yves Tumor's fourth release is a big storm of genres, but one thing's for sure–it's captivating. The album is beautiful, chaotic, and peaceful all at the same time. It seems to be created for a broader audience than previous releases but still embodies the powerful energy Yves is known for.

Favorite Tracks:



"Gospel For A New Century"

2. Melkbelly: PITH

Melkbelly is one of my all-time favorite Chicago bands. Their sophomore release, PITH, isn't quite as loud as their debut album, Nothing Valley, but what it lacks in noise, it makes up for in content. Rhythmically and sonically inventive, Melkbelly's newest album carries their best qualities into a new realm of creativity.

Favorite Tracks:


"Humid Heart"

"Sickeningly Teeth"

3. Thundercat: It Is What It Is

Thundercat's newest release is innovative while still nurturing their classic sound. The album features artists such as Steve Lacy, Childish Gambino, Zack Fox, Ty Dolla $ign, and Lil B. Swaying between kinetic frenzy and quiet introspection, it's captivating in its entirety.

Favorite Tracks:

"Dragonball Durag"

"Black Qualls"

"Funny Thing"

4. Dirty Projectors: Windows Open (EP)

Dirty Projectors' new EP shines, even without the classic sound of David Longstreth's voice. Instead, the EP features lead vocals from guitarist Maia Friedman. Light, breezy, and comforting, these tracks are a nice step away from the current chaos of the world. The single "Overlord" is an overt jab at Trump and his MAGA cult.

Favorite Tracks:

"On The Breeze"

"Search For Life"

"Guarding The Baby"

5. CHAI: "NO MORE CAKE" (Single)

CHAI never ceases to be simultaneously cute and badass. Their newest single criticizes beauty standards and is accompanied by a super cool music video, featuring the band smearing makeup on their faces. Watch it below!

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