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Best Albums of October

Tired of the election and all the bullshit? Here are the 5 best albums of October from the WBCR category New Music.


Artist: Jeen

Album: Jeen

Favorite tracks: Friends, Anything You Want, Idols, Slow and Low, Deep End, Lucky Day.

Brash and unapologetic indie singer-songwriter, Jeen, has released an exceptional debut album.


Artist: Adrianne Lenker

Album: songs

Favorite tracks: two reverse, anything, forwards beckon rebound, half return, zombie girl, dragon eyes.

The Big Thief singer once again enchants us with her angelic voice, emotional lyrics, and soothing music. If this album was not enough for you don’t worry, she also released an instrumental album called where she exudes even more of her brilliance.


Artist: Death Valley Girls

Album: Under the Spell of Joy

Favorite Tracks: Hold my Hand, Bliss Out, Hey Dena, The Universe, Little Things, Dream Cleaver.

L.A. based garage rockers Death Valley Girls have delivered another sensational album, mixing elements of punk, psychedelic pop, and proto-metal to give us a joyful experience.


Artist: Gorillaz

Album: Song Machine, Season One

Favorite Tracks: The entire fucking album

Without a doubt one of the best albums in Gorillaz’s diverse discography. The album features a star-studded cast, with the likes of Beck, slowthai, Elton Jon, Schoolboy Q, just to name a few.


Artist: PYNKIE

Album: #37

Favorite tracks: You, Funny Boy, Love Theme, Sunday Drivin’, Juice, Starry Eyed, Vacation.

This young nurse from New Jersey has been honored with making the best album of October. I won't write anything about the album, but encourage the reader to give it a try and let us know whether you liked it or not.

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